Do you want to know how to get rid of herpes? Herpes can be painful, embarrassing and devastating to your self esteem and for those who have reoccurring outbreaks frequently life can revolve around this disease limiting you in every way, these people are often desperate. Herpes is a common infection that is caused by two different but related viruses. The viruses are herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) and herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2). They remain in the body for life and often produce symptoms that come and go over time. Herpes can be passed from person to person by direct contact with blisters or ulcers, or by contact with genital or oral secretions.


Orofacial herpes infection is commonly caused by HSV-1, although recently, infections caused by HSV-2 are increasing. More commonly, it happens during childhood and it is often accompanied by a fever and ulcers. The infection usually goes into a primary stage, where pharyngitis may develop on the cheek and gums. Some people may also experience difficulty swallowing as well as swelling on the lymph nodes. Usually, primary HSV infections get resolved within two weeks. Once the primary infection resolves itself, the virus migrates to the neuron’s cell body where it becomes latent. There may be a recurrence, though, depending on external factors. When such a recurrence occurs, it usually begins as a reddening of the infected skin’s surrounding areas, eventually forming fluid-filled blisters that are usually found between the lips and skin, and the lip tissue itself. Oral herpes is sometimes called ‘cold sores’.

Genital herpes is caused by HSV-2, although it is not uncommon for HSV-1 to cause it. In this type of herpes infection, several inflamed blisters and papules, usually in clusters, form on the outer surface of the genitals. Resembling cold sores, they appear roughly four to seven days after the sexual interaction. Accompanying symptoms include itching, pain, and a burning feeling. There may also be discharge on the vagina or the penis, a fever, and swollen lymph nodes. After about two to three weeks, the lesions become crusty and then heal. After this time, the virus goes to the nerve ganglia where it lies dormant. A recurrence may happen after a year, where lesions occur after several symptoms.

How to get rid of herpes naturally?

There are natural cure for herpes such garlic, lemon, aloe vera, and that have proven to be effective herpes treatments and help reduce recurrence. Home treatment for herpes focuses on relieving symptoms, reducing the risk of recurrent outbreaks, and helping you cope with a lifelong condition. A natural cure from a natural healing book has no dangerous side effects. Here’s a list of the home remedies you can find in your kitchen to aid you on how to get rid of herpes:

  • Blisters, cold sores and any other skin botches can be effectively and naturally healed by using lemon. It is quite easy to apply lemon as a home treatment for herpes. You simply have to squeeze out the juice from half a fresh lemon onto the herpes infection areas and rub the remaining lemon directly over the blisters or sores. Along with the anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, the Vitamin C in lemon is also particularly beneficial for blisters and sores.
  • Garlic is considered as a broad spectrum antibiotic, which is capable of killing bacteria, fungus, parasites, viruses and yeast. Based on research, garlic can also destroy both the type 1 and type 2 of the herpes virus. For cold sores, applying garlic over the herpes infection area can prove to be very effective. Apart from applying garlic cloves, they can also be consumed raw every day in small amounts to prevent bad breath and gastric irritation.
  • Aloe Vera is an herb that has quite a wide variety of health benefits. Aloe Vera can help relieve itching and heal the skin after a herpes outbreak. Often, herpes sores leave redness or tenderness and/or scabs behind, and Aloe Vera help make these vanish as well. It is important that only pure inner Aloe Vera gel is applied directly over the area of the infection, at least twice a day. Another great home remedy for a herpes infection is to drink Aloe Vera juice.

how to get rid of herpes

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